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The following is a list of Washington Brittany Club members that are involved in the breeding of Brittanys. This information is furnished to aid those looking for a Brittany, and no endorsement or approval of any breeder is implied. It is recommended that each breeder should adhere to the American Brittany Club Breeders' Code of Ethics.

Lennie Gedsell, a former WBC Director, will assist you with questions concerning the general nature of Brittanys. To the extent Lennie is able, she will answer questions concerning the various Brittany rescue organizations that are provided on our Links Page. Lennie is exceptionally knowledgeable; and if she cannot answer your questions, she will direct you to the appropriate person or persons. Lennie can be contacted at lgedsell@msn.com

April 4, 2022

Breeder Directory
Name / Kennel Contact Information Location Whelping Date*
Ross Brown - Brown's Point Brittany's 206-714-7320
Brown's Point, WA
Jacqui Campbell - Campbells Brittany's 425-308-0750
Snohomish, WA
Susan Estes - Cherry Creek Brittany's 206-799-3453
Wenatchee, WA
Rod Maves - Elkhorn Brittany's 425-503-3400
Monroe, WA
Barbara Stevens - Lacey Mountain Brittany's 360-770 7211
Republic, WA
Jodi Pollack - Pollack’s Brittany's 253-691-0254
Spanaway, WA
Wendy Williams - PS Brittany's 253-606-2829
Roy, WA 05-07-2022
Kellie Rockwell - Rockwell's Brittany's 509-548-0959
Leavenworth, WA
Sherry Palmer - Shadywood Brittany's 253-961-9529
Tenino, WA
Debbie Metcalf - Storm King Brittany's 360-496-1770
Morton, WA
John Henderson - Sunnyvale Brittany's 509-569-3637
Rosalia, WA

* Generally, it is understood that if this date is provided, the breeder is likely to have puppies for sale.
However, because of lag times between sales and updates, this may not be the case.

Stud Dog Directory
Name / Kennel Contact Info Location AKC Dog Name *
Jacqui Campbell - Campbell's Brittany's 425-308-0750
Snohomish, WA GCH Trio's I'm Finn-Tastic at Campbell's JH BCAT TKI
Susan Estes - Cherry Creek Brittany's 206-799-353
Wenatchee, WA CH Skatter Creek's Storm Coming In JH
Jodi Pollack - Pollack Brittany's 253-691-0254
Spanaway, WA GrCH Pollack's Norman "J" Rockwell JH
Kellie Rockwell - Rockwell's Brittany's 509-548-0959
Leavenworth, WA GrCH Rockwell's Marshall Dillon JH

* Limited to the owner's principal stud dog.

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